River Bend Lodge employs a full time photographer to help you get the best out of the photographic opportunities you will have during your stay.

Day Courses

Basic Introduction to photography

“Going Beyond Auto”-This module is designed to teach you more about your camera and provide you with the technical and compositional skills required to capture wildlife photographs like a professional.

Editing and Manipulation

Using the pictures from your stay at River Bend Lodge, our photographer will provide you with a beginner’s introduction to the world of digital image manipulation using Photoshop CS5, Elements 8 and Lightroom 3 in his studio.

Practical Field Assistance

Our photographer will accompany you on a private game drive lead by one of our qualified guides to assist you with your choice of lens, settings, composition and positioning

Photographic Workshop

River Bend Lodge is the perfect location for a photographic workshop. The Nyati concession on which River Bend is located is not open to the public, providing an uninterrupted and exclusive wildlife photography experience.

River Bend offers a 3 day and 2 night wildlife photography workshop for all levels of photographers.

Whether you are an amateur photographer looking to improve your wildlife photography skills or a professional wanting to spend a few days dedicated to your craft in the bush, this is an ideal workshop.